17 Weeks (and counting)

Well folks, here we are.

I’m not sure if procrastination is officially considered a symptom of pregnancy, but it should be. I should petition for it, start a movement, write a letter to ACOG, something like that…eh, maybe tomorrow.

Long story short, I’ve been pregnant for, oh, say, about the past four months. Blogging has been something I’ve always been great at – in my mind. In fact, I’m so great that I often plan out beautifully intentioned posts about seasons in life and what marriage is teaching me and books that are great and everything in between. I plan it all so well in my head that by the time I am through I feel gratified enough that I never feel the need to actually execute it. It’s the thought that counts, right? *Sigh*

Anyway, one thing that I had DEFINITELY planned on blogging about was my foray into the garden of delight/fire swamp that is Motherhood. “I will definitely blog when I get pregnant,” said I. And four months have gone by with nary a peep. Well, today I have decided upon a path to (hopefully) fix all that. Weekly pregnancy posts! So for those of you who do not attain thrill from reading an average woman’s log of being a human incubator, turn away now. You have been warned.

Mom, I know you’ll love this. Friends, you no longer have to receive my weekly texts about how my clothes don’t fit and I can’t sleep because my bump is uncomfortable – it will all unfold right here if you want to catch the action. Without further ado, I give you:

Pregnancy! Week 17!

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Baby: is the size of an onion and is putting on some baby fat. He/she measures about 5 1/2 in from head to rump and is busy practicing for life outside the womb by swallowing, sucking, hiccuping, and moving like crazy

Belly: my bump is, well, big. I really “popped” these past couple weeks. And what’s better, I have begun to attract rude comments from random strangers/people I barely know! On another note, my skin itches like crazy as it stretches.

My Favorite Things: this week I am basically living in leggings, which is an indication to me (along with the fact that my jeans don’t zip) that I need to get some maternity pants. I did buy a super-comfy long sweater from Gap this week and I’m in love with it too. Another fave I found is Alaffia raw shea butter with lavender and peppermint essential oils. I’ve been rubbing this stuff all over my belly to keep the stretch marks and itching at bay! It also smells amazing, which is a plus.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My Not-Favorite Things: nosebleeds, a common pregnancy symptom; jeans that don’t fit; breathlessness; constant, ever-gnawing, bottomless-pit-type hunger!

Movement: it seems he/she is kicking and squirming lots, evidenced by the doppler, but I have yet to feel baby’s aerobatics.

Gender: We don’t know yet, but we have a gender-scan set for next Friday! Everyone seems to think that baby is a) a girl or b) twins or c) twin girls, but I remain convinced for absolutely no reason other than a gut feeling that baby is a boy. Zack has no gut feeling, but has suggested that baby is possibly asexual or  a pair of siamese twins.

Things I’ve been thinking about: I’ve been envisioning my birth these past few weeks and looking forward to it with excitement! I know it will be tough – the toughest thing I’ve ever done – but it’s a challenge I have confidence that my body can take. With each week the reality sinks in a little more that we are having a baby and that he/she will be here in just a few short months! I’ve been mentally planning my baby shower and the nursery, reveling in examining cloth diaper options and methods of care for newborns. There is so much joy in thinking about the things that I love and will be able to share with our children. I wonder who this baby will be, what his/her personality is and what he/she will look like. I pray each day that our child would grow to love the Lord and would do great work in the Kingdom. There is such hope in having children. Hope for a legacy to be established and maintained, for the end to a beautiful season in life and the beginning of a family. One season dies away before the other can be rooted, and it is bittersweet to think that our days of just being “the two of us” are nearly over, but all is for a purpose and that purpose is deep and wonderful and will be more beautiful, more agonizing, more rewarding that what has come before. Hope springs eternal in the human breast. Each new season builds upon what has been established before. Deep echoes unto deep. Praise the Lord.


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  1. Lovely. Just like you ♡

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